Solar Panels Are Still Expensive

why solar panels are expensive

Several components in solar energy systems affect the final price. The most expensive component is equipment. Solar panels, batteries and collectors are 25% cost of total solar system. The following factors account for 65% of the total cost:

  • Permission
  • Sales tax
  • Work
  • Operating costs

The price of solar energy fell slightly due to lower prices for equipment. But the costs that make up most of the expenses are increasing. Cooperation with the best solar producer will save the cost of solar equipment. Compare solar manufacturers and choose the best that will reduce your personal costs of going solar.

How Changes in Import Tariffs Affect the Cost of Solar Panels?

In January 2018, the US government increased tariffs to 30% on the import of solar panels. Each year, tariffs are reduced by 5%, ending by 15% in 2021. At this time, solar installation companies are trying to abandon their customers.

Why Solar Panels Are Still Expensive and How to Reduce the Cost of Installing It?

Despite the costs and raising the tariff for imports, you can find ways to reduce the cost of the solar panel system for your home:

  • Use the federal tax credit to get a 30% discount on your investment.
  • Select a solar installation company with the condition of financing at an affordable for you price.
  • Buy used solar equipment. It will save you money, but used equipment can hide internal damage, not allowing your solar system to produce full power.

In some areas, solar farms operate with available solar energy. Find a solar farm near you or create a new project with your neighbors.

How Much Does the Maintenance of the Solar System Cost?

After a while, the components become obsolete, worn out or damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to make regular checks and maintenance to protect your solar system. After installing the equipment, the owner is fully responsible for the solar system.

A local solar company can conduct an annual check for $150. Cleaning the solar panels of debris and dirt on average costs from $10 to $20 for single solar panel.

Can a Solar Panel Installer Influence the Final Price?

Solar companies usually offer stimulus to attract customers. We advice you to consult several companies to find the best price for you. A lower price does not always mean good quality. Read the reviews about the solar company before you start working with it.

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