Going Solar: Why Should You Do It?


Find out if solar energy is available for your home. Then you need to find out how much electricity you use per day. You can find out by viewing bills for the last 3 months.

Is there enough sun for your solar panels?

To find out, contact the experts in your area. They will evaluate your location to decide whether it is possible to install solar panels.

There are a number of reasons why you cannot use this panels for your home:

  • If near your house there are a lot of tall trees.
  • The slope, shape or location of the roof prevents the installation of panels.
  • The roof structure or external accessories do not leave place for the installation of a solars panel systems.

If it turned out that you cannot install panels, you can use the new technology – use solar farms. These are solar communities, which are joint energy programs, through which they provide their members with loans to the electricity bill. Find a farm near you, if you cannot install panels.

Is it necessary to change the lifestyle while using solar energy?

Many families use gaming consoles, computers and other electronic devices. This lifestyle requires a lot of electricity for all these devices.

Do I need to abandon my gadgets while using this panels?

No. Once you start using solar energy, it works just like electricity. It is unlikely that you will need to upgrade your home for using photovoltaic solar panels. If you have any doubt that the panels will not meet your daily needs, contact your local solars provider. You can choose that part of your energy comes from alternative energy sources. It will allow you to use electricity without any restrictions.

How it affect your monthly bills?

Using solar energy will reduce your monthly utility bills. The amount you will save depends on various factors:

  • Number of installed solar panels. The more solar panels, the more savings and you will rely less on traditional, expensive energy sources.
  • The amount of electricity consumed per day. If you use more energy daily than panels produce, then you will have an electricity bill. But it will be less than if you would not have solar panels.
  • At what time of day do you use electricity in your home. Panels produce little energy on cloudy days or at night. In such situations you will depend on the standard sources of electricity.

In April 2018, the average price for electricity in the US was $0.1289 per kilowatt-hour. While using panels, the cost of electricity was $0.02155 per kilowatt-hour in the scale of utilities and about $0.07 per kilowatt-hour on a residential scale. For 25 years, consumers of solar energy pay 84% less for electricity than neighbors who use traditional energy sources.

Solars panels require a lot of financial investment. Monthly savings on electricity bills will pretty fast pay off your initial costs.

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