Solar Window Heating

Solar Window Heat Each black solar curtain doesn’t keep out each of the sunlight and it’s a very simple matter to open a curtain in a room that I am working to acquire extra light to do the job. The windows ought to be located in the top floor. If you’ve got double hung windows, […]

Solar Rechargeable Fan

Solar Rechargeable Fans With rising global temperatures, it has become difficult to live comfortably, especially in the tropics. The demand for electricity to power air conditioners and fans of various types has increased dramatically, with more and more people relying on these devices to survive the heat. Given that most of the energy used by […]

Solar Crock Pot and Solar Cooking

Solar Powered Crock Pot and Solar Cooking The chances are that you are spending a lot of money on electricity bills because you often prepare your meals with some hot plates. Perhaps you use gas to steam and cook for your family. Now, you feel like it is ripping you apart and keep wondering how […]

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