How to Find the Best Solar Provider Near You?


After making a decision to install a solar panel system, you need to find a local solar company that is a professional and offer premium solar panels and installation services.

Why Choose a Local Solar Panel Installer?

When choosing a local solar panel installer, you get a number of advantages:

Low prices

Large national solar installers indicated prices at $0.33 / W higher than local solar companies. This is an additional $2,300 to the cost of your solar system. Therefore, choosing a local installer will significantly save your money.

Strong customer service

Local installers provide more attention to their clients, local companies have fewer customers compared to large solar companies. Local companies strive to make their customers as satisfied as possible, so that they recommend local company to their relatives and friends.

Quality work and equipment

Local installers usually hire several full-time employees who work for a local solar company, and national installers hire subcontractors to install solar panels throughout the country. Full-time employees in local company are more motivated and professional.

In addition, local companies have more equipment options based on customer preferences, and national companies buy equipment at the lowest price.

Tips for Finding Local Solar Panel Providers

Learn about local providers from your friends and neighbors

Talk to the people around you, it’s a great way to find out about the local company. If your neighbors have installed solar panels, they most likely bought them from a local solar company. Ask them about this company and about the experience of cooperation with it.

Visit local authorities websites

Many government websites recommend solar companies, with which it is worth working. Local authorities support local companies.

Find local specialists and talk to them

Your electrician can advice you on quality local settings. Local specialists are closely connected with other local specialists, to whom they will send their clients.

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