How Much Time Will Work My Solar Panel System?


Solar panels for residential homes are becoming more popular. You can save a large amount of money, so it’s no wonder that many people go solar and acquire energy independence. Web Solar Guide knows that buyer wants the most from the investment. We will answer serious questions that may arise from the buyer. The most frequently asked question is – How long will the solar panels last?

At first it was believed that the solar panels work effectively until the moment the solar guarantee works, 20-25 years. Most solar panels exceed the guarantee period. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, has found that productivity is reduced by 1% per year. Now research shows that the solar panels are losing about 0.4-0.5% efficiency per year. This means that the solar panels will work 2 times longer.

Many solar companies claim that their solar systems will operate at 80% – 85%, while the guarantee is in force. If the performance of solar panels is reduced to 80%, then it’s time to replace the solar panel system. Due to the new technologies, solar panels can generate energy about 30-40 years. The first modern solar systems still work 60 years after installation.

Buying a solar system, most solar companies provide a calculation of how much money can you save. The calculator gives you the amount of savings that you will save in 20-25 years. Using solar panels, which often exceed the guarantee period of solar panels, you will save even more money – your solar panels will continue to produce electricity for a long time. Durable solar panels save more money.

Increase Your Solar Panels Lifetime

If you do not maintain the solar panels, they can be spoiled. How to increase the durability of solar panels:

  • Absence of physical damage. Make sure that your solar panels are not exposed to wind blown debris and falling branches. This can scratch the solar panels and make them less effective.
  • Cleaning and maintenance. Annual or biennial cleaning and maintenance will ensure the best performance of your solar panels.
  • You can lease solar panels. Most solar companies provide excellent work of your solar panels. While leasing, the solar company installs solar panels, maintains and monitors the solar panel system 24/7.

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